Apparel Empire Pte Ltd

Apparel Empire is an apparel manufacturer, specializing in one stop apparels customization for brands of all industries. Apparel customization allows companies from SMEs to MNCs to create the consistent brand image that any entity would desire. Explore unlimited possibilities with apparels customization today!



Apparel Empire specializes in creating high quality tailor-made fashion brands and private label brands for organizations and companies in a “fast turn-around” time according to their specifications.


T-shirt printing might be a cheaper alternative for corporate uniforms but in recent years, many brands are adopting good practices of customizing unique uniforms. The demand has been growing ever since.

To keep up with the trend, our clients can choose over 5,000 fabrics to create apparels based on the functionality. In addition, we also provide a wide spectrum of logo imprints, designs, fabric technologies and accessories that make it easier for any clients to create an one-of-a-kind look. We have a range of production standards, allowing clients to optimize their budget.


Our highly experienced team has successfully completed thousands of customized clothing projects. We strongly believe that every organization or business setup has its unique requirements, thus our experienced team works closely with you to establish what your preferences are before embarking on your apparel designing project. To facilitate production process and deal with the challenges of varying requirements, we have fully set production processes in place, right from the designing phase to right to the apparel completion phase and packaging. Our team includes the following;

1. In House Designer

2. Project Coordinator

3. Material Supplier

4. Production House

5. Quality Check Coordinator
(Upon request)

Apparel Empire has expanded our apparel customization service in 2015 to include head gear and pants. In 2018, we have the resources to manufacture unique apparels like kidswear, pet wear, industrial uniforms and even matching accessories like vest, pins and scarfs! Drop us some image reference and we will take it from there!

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