Send us a quote about your apparelrequirements. It may include your timeline, quantity, usage, budget and any information that you wish to give us. If you have your own tech pack/design layout illustrating your idea, please attach and send it to us. If not, we will do the designing according to your requirements.


Based on your preference and garment usability, we will send you our proposal plan. This is considered as an initial tech pack which will include our suggestion on thefabric options, accessories, color, trimmings, pricing, and estimated production lead time.


We understand that samples are crucial to know what you are going to buy soon. For this reason, we do have our self-owned sampling department. There are 3 types of sample that we provide:

(1) Proto sample: it is the rough interpretation of your inquiry and can be made of theavailablefabric with accessories. The purpose is to convert the garment structure design into actual garment.

(2) Fit sample: it is providedby us when the order is confirmed. The primary objective of this step is giving you the opportunity to check the fitness and measurement of the garment.

(3) Pre-production sample: it is the final step and made of actual fabric and accessories to get your approval before bulk production. It’s also considered to be a contract between you and Apparel Empire.

Different types of sample is provided depending on the stage and the requirement of the order.


The bulk production of your order will begin after the approval of the pre-production sample. Depending on the garment complexity, our manufacturing planner will arrange the production line to get the best output quantity. The bulk production garment will be identical to what you have approved.


At Apparel Empire, every piece of garment is passed through the inspection tableafter sewing, where it is carefully checked to detect any defect. If the defect is fixable, we send it to the respective person for correction. If it’s not correctable, then it’s separated as wastage. You or any person/ agent on behalf of you is allowed to come and conduct this inspection process.

After inspection, our shipping department gets involved. We will arrange transportation through air, sea or land depending on the location of the clients.