At Apparel Empire, we take customization to the next level where all detailing of the apparels can be customized.

Apparel Empire is a place where our esteemed clients can customize the designs, cuttings, colors, logos, fabrics, accessories and any part of the apparels.


7.1 Woven label

Woven Label

Woven labels use special micro-threads which weave the design and white space together to create a fully-formed label. They have long durability, holding up to normal wear and washing, and sometimes better than the garments they are attached to. They are the highest quality type of fabric label.

7.2 Printed Label

Custom Printed Label

The label starts with a blank piece of fabric. The design is printed on top of the fabric by special inks. These labels are commonly used to display sizing information and washing instructions, but can also be used when a design is too small or complex to be woven with thread.

7.3 Imprinted Label

Imprinted Label

Ultra-imprinted labels also start with a piece of woven fabric. But instead of the design being printed on the fabric, it is dyed into it using a special dye-sublimation process. These inks actually fuse to the fabric itself, creating a 100% permanent design never fades away.

7.4 Hangtag

Custom Hangtag

We, at Apparel Empire, understand that an attractively designed hangtag is an opportunity to expand marketing and branding efforts while displaying price, size, and other product information. The use of hangtags shows that a company is detail-orientated with a strong visual impact to increase the perceived value of the product. We recommend you to get the most out of your hangtags, and use high-quality photography or artwork. Hangtags are a direct reflection of your brand, thus using high-quality images will highlight your professional touch.



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