At Apparel Empire, we take customization to the next level where all detailing of the apparels can be customized.

Apparel Empire is a place where our esteemed clients can customize the designs, cuttings, colors, logos, fabrics, accessories and any part of the apparels.


8.1 Simple poly bag


At Apparel Empire, we do simple polybag packing as a value-added facility for free. You can request them to be packed per piece or packed in dozens or whatever quantity you prefer. We would like to give you something that is presentable to your customers directly.

8.2 Polybag with brand

Custom Plastic Bags

If you have a clothing brand, you can request us to print your logo or whatever information you would like to have on the polybag, so that it becomes totally yours and looks very professional.

8.3 Custom bag

Custom Garment Packaging

If you do not prefer using normal plastic bags and you would like your garments to be covered by different materials, Apparel Empire is always there to help you.



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