Water-resistant fabrics are used to protect clothing from harsh weather elements. If a fabric is waterproof, it is likely to be wind-resistant as well. Some fabrics are water-repellent, thus they do not allow the ingress of a certain amount of water. If a fabric can resist a water pressure of at least 13,000 Pascals, the fabric can be classed as fully waterproof.


The stain release protection used by Apparel Empire allows your clothing to be stain-free from all types of liquid. Our treatment helps most stains wash out during normal laundering, thus making clothes easier to care, lasting through repeated launderings.


With the moisture management finishing, the wearer can keep sweat away from the body. Thus, even the most physically active people can stay cool, dry and clean over time. Moisture management fabric is mostly used in sportswear and activewear.


Antibacterial fabric prevent the growth of potentially harmful organisms, thus reducing the spread of odor causing bacteria. These fabric treatment is a perfect solution for producing uniforms for hospital, research labs and other industry that require a really clean working environment. Some examples include surgical scrubs, lab coats, dentist uniforms and hospital gowns.


Repeated or long exposure to sunlight can cause colors in normal textiles to fade away. With UV protection, we not only can help maintaining the quality and outlook of the fabrics, it also protects the wearer’s (with coverage of course). A perfect solution for fishing wear, construction and other apparels worn under the scorching sun.


Need us say more? Two reasons that make such clothing special are the structure of the fabric fibre and the treatment. Those involved in the fire department and other fire-related works show more interest to this type of fabric. Most clients in the welding industry usually require this property in their uniforms due to its constant exposure to fire hazard work environment.