At Apparel Empire, we take customization to the next level where all detailing of the apparels can be customized.

Apparel Empire is a place where our esteemed clients can customize the designs, cuttings, colors, logos, fabrics, accessories and any part of the apparels.


Fabric selection is one of the crucial areas for branding the apparels as well as ensuring comfort in daily usage. At Apparel Empire, you have access to our wide range of fabric options available for you. Fabrics can be dyed to incorporate colors at a low quantities if they are not found. You can also determine the weight, weave and quality of the apparel depending on your dressmaking requirements. We can follow your existing fabric or upgrade it as per your directions.

2.1 Jersey Fabric

Custom Printed Jersey Fabric

It’s a knitted fabric made from 100% cotton, 100% polyester or blended fabric. Jersey Knit fabric is soft, stretchy, warm and insulating; thus it’s commonly used for t-shirts, women tops or other casual wears. We offer different types of Jersey, such as single jersey, double jersey, jacquard jersey, interlock jersey and clocque jersey.

2.2 Fleece Fabrics

Jersey Fabric For Dressmaking

Fleece fabric can be manufactured from recycled plastic or synthetic fibers. People like it because it is soft, lightweight and breathable to keep the wearer warm. Apparels such as hoodies, sweaters or hats are the most used items. At Apparel Empire, we have a wide variety of weight classes for fleece fabric:

<100 g/m² = ultralight
100 g/m² = light-weight
200 g/m² = mid-weight
300 g/m² and up = heavy-weight

You can also request for anti-pill polar fleece which will stop the occurrence of pilling and eliminate fraying while cutting the fleece. Whether you would like to have some colorful printed fleece or the super soft fleece mostly used for children’s clothing, Apparel Empire has all to satisfy your needs.

2.3 Sportswear Fabric

The term sportswear fabric is not only used for the professional players, but it also applies to many others depending on the purposes. However, the technical materials help keep the wearer comfortable during exercise. To choose the right one, you might need help from our fabric experts, as it depends on the intensity of the activity. For example, the fabric has excellent moisture wicking properties to comfort the runners; as it enables sweat to transfer from inside to the outside. Or if you have a yoga clothing project, you should consider a fabric with good stretching ability for easy movement.

Apparel Empire has made available for you 50 types of fabric suitable for a wide range of sportswear applications. Below are some of our best fabric types.

2.3.1 Lyvra

Lycra Polyester Fabric

The fabric is renowned for its special ability to be stretched much more than its original length and more importantly it has excellent recovery performance to keep the clothing in shape. Another admirable feature is its resistance to sunlight and sweat for comfort and ease of movement. A number of our buyers love Lycra and they use this fabric for tshirts, jeans, lingerie and swimsuits.

2.3.2 Mesh

Mesh fabric

Mesh is a fabric which includes a certain amount of open spaces. A typical mesh contains about 85% of material and 15% of holes; although different mesh fabrics vary in weight and hole size. Professional players prefer mesh as it provides good comfort and stretching ability, and allows air to circulate and reach the skin. Mesh is mostly used for creating tops, tanks, active wear and also works as a lining in sports jacket or workwear.

2.3.3 Neoprene

Neoprene fabric

Neoprene is durable, insulated, wrinkle-and water-resistant, and it maintains flexibility in any temperatures. It’s mostly used to create swimwear and wetsuits. It has also become one of the biggest trends in the fashion industry these days.

2.4 Premium Fabric

Jersey Knit Fabric

At Apparel Empire, there are many ways to make your clothing project more attractive. One of those are choosing premium fabric, like leather, silk or any other with the numerous customization options provided by us.



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