Woven and Knit Fabrics-What Is The Difference?

Fabric Selection For Clothing Design The clothing design process is tedious. However, the right fabric choice for clothing design is [...]
Sample dress shirt by AE Empire

5 of the best fabrics for Shirts

The most important things to consider, other than the general properties and qualities of the fabric that points to the [...]
denim printing

Denim Printing Techniques

Printing of Denim Garments: Always denim is popular from the catwalk to the streets. Worldwide interest in denim is moving toward refinement [...]

Different Types of Denim

Denim is an icon and one of the most familiar products within the textile industry that attracts all age groups. In [...]

What is Fabric Weight? What does Fabric weight tell?

Fabric weight is the outcome of how a fabric has been woven, its finish and sometimes the fibre type. Looking [...]
Fabric Color Approval Procedure

Fabric Color Approval Procedure?

In the process of product development, the customer and supplier need to define the material (fabric) color for the product [...]
What is Lab Dip

What is lab dip?

Lab dip is a specimen of dyed fabric or yarns prepared for color approval. Prior to bulk fabric dyeing lab [...]


Creating a fabric that blocks rain is easy. Creating a fabric that blocks rain yet still allows your sweat to [...]