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Apparel Empire is a renowned manufacturer of fully customized & OEM apparels for fashion brands, private label brands, companies, institutions and organizations. With our level of professionalism, we want to take customization of garments to the next level.

We specialize in creating high quality tailor-made fashion brands and private label brands for organizations and companies in a “fast turn-around” time according to their specifications.

At Apparel Empire, we keep a wide range of materials and items that can be used by our clients to come up with customized apparel brands. We have a selections of over 5,000 fabrics from which clients can choose to have their styles made. In addition, we have a wide spectrum of logo imprints, designs, fabric technologies and accessories that make it easier for any brand or company to have their customized styles made. We use only high grade fabric that has been subjected to multiple testing standards and limits to make the apparels. The logos are uniquely designed and created using Oeko-Tex Standard 100 threads.

We have a highly experienced team that has successfully completed thousands of custom clothing projects. We strongly believe that every organization or business setup has its unique requirements, thus our experienced team works closely with you to establish what your preferences are before embarking on your apparel designing project. To facilitate production process and deal with the challenges of varying requirements, we have fully set production processes in place, right from the designing phase to right to the apparel completion phase and packaging.

We employ the best of what technology has to offer as we use Computer Aided Designing and Drafting (CADD) application plus dedicated printers, seal & seam machines, overcast, double needle as well as machines to attach buttons and so forth.

In a bid to provide companies with a one-stop apparel service, we expanded our apparel customization service in 2015 to include head and leg wear. Our services now feature head to toe apparels, including inner, outer wear plus other matching accessories.


Ecosystem Apparel Empire

• Manufacturing Ecosystem
• Self-owned factory and production house

Outlook Accessories

• Over 5,000 fabric/ color selections.
• Customization of outlook and accessories (zips, buttons, label etc.)
• Cut & sew process; able to produce apparel to fit any human size.
• Close to 20 types of printing or embroidery technique available.


• Provide fabric with waterproof, fireproof, moisture wicking, UPF resistance technology
• Cutting Edge Printing technology with no hand feel, last forever
• RFID, high reflective pockets available for customization


• Customized Design Recommendations to solve daily operational problems
• 3M reflective tapes and fabric for night activities
• Reversible/ inter-changeable designers for multipurpose

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